About GoVenture


We operate in the field of corporate finance and corporate development.

This includes advisory, coaching, active support and assistance in the following fields

  • fundraising and transaction services:  fundraising process; business planning, financial planning, financial advisory, investor relations and contracting
  • corporate development: management consulting, business development, interim management (in special cases)
  • financial management consulting: setup, management support and assistance, financial reporting

Our focus is on supporting startup and growth activities of young and fast-growing companies, especially in the field of IT security and IT enterprise computing.

Thanks to various loyal and cheerful business partners our contact network leads us to a growing diversity of financial targets and industries.

While our key focus is on equity based financing by business angels, VCs and Private Equity, we are able to show professional experience in structured finance including debt and mezzanine finance by means of balancing the concerns of our clients, potential financing partners and the availablity of financial products fitting best the target company’s situation and financing purpose.


  • Partnership: Two lead consultants team up with at least one owner/founder, eventually one CEO/managing director. Our lead consultants keep in touch on the process 24/7 and conduct all back office activities in tight accordance.
  • Best practice: We have adopted a standardized, structured and efficient fundraising process. In order to reduce complexity and maximize effectivity of our processes we make use of highly rationale methods and tools for all our backoffice activities – from analysis, planning, valuation, reporting to communication and controlling.
  • Network: We successfully build up and maintain friendships with actual, former and future clients, investors, entrepreneurs, consulting and business partners, legal and tax advisories.


Our investor relations network includes various business angels, VCs, private equity investors but also investment banks and corporate investors.

Our Germany based business and finance network spreads over D-A-CH, UK, Eastern Europe, Latin Europe and Latin America.

Each type of investor has typical preferences – which corporate finance advisories know about very well.

Depending on their refinancing structures and other aspects, investors also have individual preferences and criteria.

Our key experience and project references may be characterized as follows:

  • SmallCaps and MidCaps
  • Financing volumes from €1M to €50M, mostly around €3M to €5M
  • All industries, in majority high-tech and IT
  • All stages, mainly growth stage: expansion and new business activities

We are currently setting up new relationships to selected financiers from Middle East. One initial  common business opportunity consists of seeding suitable targets for project funding in investment loans (moderate interest rates / long term investment projects / ~ 10% ROI).


We are always interested in synergy, cooperation and beneficial personal and business relations and contacts.

Business partners who generate new leads will always be rewarded on behalf of the leads value for our business.

Business partners who help us to establish new investor relations will always be supported in accessing connections within our network.

Ideas for concrete project cooperations will always be welcome and analysed under aspects of client advantages, clear role definitions, synergies and sustainability.


  • Equity finance and business development specialists, focussed on fast-growing businesses, especially in IT security and infrastructure

Founder & Executive Partner: Hans Jürgen Massing, experienced international sales and business development manager, has been supporting innovative businesses, especially in the IT security sector, as corporate development and M&A consultant since 2003

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Offenes Kooperationsnetzwerk für Corporate Finance und Business Development

Eine Initiative von

Jürgen Massing
Senior Consultant Corporate Development


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